I’m Playing With a Philips Velo 1 H/PC Again

Quick and dirty post, here.

The first Windows CE device I owned was the Philips Velo 1 H/PC. It’s a clamshell mobile powered by a 36.86MHz MIPS R4000-based Philips SOC (what they called a “Two Chip Pic”) that I owned right after its debut in 1998, sold for a Newton MP2000, and reacquired in 2012. It sat in a box until a few days ago when Richard Harris ( @richjharris ), an old DALnet #Macintosh friend, spun me up with his Windows CE fever to bring it on out.

I’m not sure where this momentary re-infatuation will lead. But, here’s a video for you:

Ahh, to have been on the front line of the mobile revolution.

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  1. brian legate says:

    Hi, I just got a Velo 1 and it works fine but I don’t have a power adapter. Any chance you would tell me what the volts and mah is on the power adapter? Polarity would be great too. Thanks for posting the video.


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