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Ultima IV Redux

I spent a good chunk of my time as a teen playing Ultima IV, a role playing game written by Richard Garriot (aka “Lord British”) at Origin Systems. There were many chapters in the Ultima series, but Ultima IV is … Continue reading

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Farewell Willow

I have an original 128K Macintosh. It was purchased, used, about two years ago. It is the 1901st Macintosh produced at the Fremont, CA plant during the 38th week of 1984. (I purchased a 128K Macintosh in 1985, new, but … Continue reading

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“Blue & White” G3 Poster

My first first Mac was an original Macintosh (128K), which my parents purchased for me back in 1985. My second Mac was a Mac LC which I got in late ’91. After about a year, it was Amigas and PC’s … Continue reading

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Commodore 128 History

I was doing some digging on the web when I ran across a most interesting page,’s “The Commodore 128: The Most Versatile 8-Bit Computer Ever Made“. It is a most engaging (and suspensful) account of how Commodore’s crown 8-bit … Continue reading

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Farewell HyperCard

It finally happened. HyperCard is gone. More than 16 years since its original debut, HyperCard was pulled from Apple’s site towards the end of last month (March 2004). Created by Bill Atkinson of the original Macintosh team, HyperCard was a … Continue reading

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Amiga 1200 Tower

I have always been an Amiga fan. I purchased the first Amiga sold in Virginia, back in October 1985. I heard news of it months earlier and had long been in waiting. Not long after, though, (I think partially due … Continue reading

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Mac Plus Webserver

In the middle of a regular session of googling for some vintage hardware info, I ran across a rather unique and notable site: The Mac Plus Web Server. Clicking that link will take you to a rather small site that … Continue reading

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Original Mac (128K)

Almost two years ago now, I purchased an original Macintosh 128K (model M0001) from a vintage Macintosh listserv. The serial # tells me it was teh 1901st Mac produced during the 38th week of 1984. Interestingly, I had never plugged … Continue reading

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Commodore 65

In searching the web for some Amiga-related information, I ran across references to a prototype computer, developed by Commodore, that never saw mass production. The computer in question is the Commodore 65, successor to the Commodore 64 and 128. Information … Continue reading

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FOSE 2004 Expo

Working in Washington DC, I had the opportunity to run over to this year’s FOSE Expo that took place at the DC Convention Center. FOSE is a technical expo targetting government organizations and was not a highly entertaining show for … Continue reading

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