Q&D: Enjoying Some Demos on the Amiga 2000

Over the recent holiday, I spent some time upgrading, working on projects with, and generally polishing off a few of the vintage systems in my collection and, as such, ended up having some pretty great retro fun with them. Not all of these endeavors warranted (or, well, ended up getting) a full post here on the blog, but I have been sharing the good times via my Mastodon, YouTube, Flickr accounts, and the like. And, while my posts to those platforms generate some fun conversation, I would like to better include such “smaller” activities on the blog, here. As such, I am going to start making the odd “quick and dirty” post that captures something I think readers might like that’s just sort-of happening in the moment. These might consist of a video clip or a few photos — and probably not a big, in-depth text dive into what I’m doing. “Q&D” posts. I hope they’re a positive addition.

This is the first.

Last night, I fired up my Amiga 2000 ‘020 and started running through some of the demos installed on its SCSI2SD volumes. One that I really enjoyed was Gagrakacka Mind Zones by Disaster Area, an Amiga Original Chipset (OCS/ECS) demo that took the first prize at the Oldskool Demo compo at the Flashback 2015 party. After watching it through, I pulled out the iPhone 15 Pro Max and did a quick and dirty capture of the demo running on my dual-screen A2000.

(The system next to the Amiga is a 5×86 160MHz DOS PC that shares (thanks to the Indivision ECS scan-doubler in the Amiga) the dual-input 19-inch Sony CPD-G420, the best looking CRT monitor I’ve ever owned.)

The (many) demos created in recent years for even the base, 8MHz Amiga models are truly a sight (and sound) to behold.

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  1. Kamil says:

    This is great, thanks for posting!! I always loved the demoscene, even when I didn’t know what it was! I remember firing up game floppies and being mesmerized by the demos… Just got my childhood A600 back and it works! I’ll need to get SCSI2SD on it!

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