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Brief Encounters of the Home Computing Kind

Back in the “home computer” days, I was something of a serial platform jumper; the list of systems I’ve owned is long. I would have a certain system and be happily using it and then become intrigued by a different … Continue reading

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Quickie: A Little PETSCII BBS Fun on a Saturday Morning

Just quickie here. I thought I’d take the Amiga 1000 out for a spin on a few Commodore 64 / PETSCII bulletin board systems this weekend. Thanks to @AmigaL0ve for providing links to two Amiga terminal programs that are up … Continue reading

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Engineer Dave Haynie Auctions Off Rare Commodore and Amiga Prototypes to Fight Breast Cancer

Former Commodore engineer Dave Haynie is auctioning off some extremely rare Commodore and Amiga prototypes to help in the fight against cancer. From his “Haynie’s Garage” posts on eBay: I have collected up a bunch of items from my days … Continue reading

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Adjusting The Commodore 1702

Yesterday I was fiddling around down in the “byte cellar” for a bit and went to reconnect my Apple IIgs’s audio to the A/V switch after hijacking its cables to record a bit of Wii audio for a recent post. … Continue reading

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My Commodore 64…and The Stand…

I have recently begun putting together a Commodore 64 system in order to have actual 8-bit Commodore hardware with which to compare my C-One. I’ve rather enjoyed playing with the C64, having never really been an 8-bit Commodore user. Impressive … Continue reading

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The Commodore One ( C-One )

As far as 8-bit computers go, I’ve always been an Apple II guy. I’ve owned 8-bit Commodores and Ataris, but they were never my “primary machines.” Despite this fact, I was impressed when, four years ago, I first heard of … Continue reading

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Commodore 128 History

I was doing some digging on the web when I ran across a most interesting page,’s “The Commodore 128: The Most Versatile 8-Bit Computer Ever Made“. It is a most engaging (and suspensful) account of how Commodore’s crown 8-bit … Continue reading

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Commodore 65

In searching the web for some Amiga-related information, I ran across references to a prototype computer, developed by Commodore, that never saw mass production. The computer in question is the Commodore 65, successor to the Commodore 64 and 128. Information … Continue reading

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Vintage Magnets

INDEED it’s an odd thing. I spend some time every couple days browsing the vintage computer sections of eBay and I found a set of refrigerator magnets that bore the images of 80’s advertisements for Commodore computers. A strange find, … Continue reading

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