Commodore 65

In searching the web for some Amiga-related information, I ran across references to a prototype computer, developed by Commodore, that never saw mass production. The computer in question is the Commodore 65, successor to the Commodore 64 and 128. Information about this unit can be found at this German page (English translation here).

The C65 was, in many ways, “Commodore’s Apple IIgs.” That is, it was an evolution of the C64/128, sporting improved graphics and sound, but did not represent a notable departure in terms of overall power. That said, it’s 4096 color palette, 3.5MHz 65CE02 processor, hardware blitter, and stereo sound would have made for an attractive upgrade to the older, 8-bit units if it had seen a full production run. As many as 2000 of the units were created, many sold through The Grapevine Group and Software Hut in the mid 90’s when Commodore was liquidated, making the C65 the not-entirely-unattainable “holy grail” of Commodore 8-bit computing.

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