Original Mac (128K)

Almost two years ago now, I purchased an original Macintosh 128K (model M0001) from a vintage Macintosh listserv. The serial # tells me it was teh 1901st Mac produced during the 38th week of 1984. Interestingly, I had never plugged it in to verify its operation. I mentioned recently finding a keyboard for the original Mac 128K to go with this unit as it came to me with a Mac Plus keyboard, and the keyboard on my in-use Mac Plus died, so I’ve commandeered the Plus keyboard from the 128K to use with my Mac Plus. Having received this keyboard, I decided to hook it all up and see what happened.

After plugging it all together and crawling about under the desk for a bit in search of a free outlet, the switch was flipped and it fired up fine and seemed to boot perfectly into Finder 5.1. I also discovered that it’s got 512K in it, apparently having been upgraded at some point in its life. After a few minutes of playing around, back in its Willow Mac carrying bag it went, off to spend a few more years in deep hibernation, doubtless.

I did take a picture while it was up and updated The List accordingly. The photo makes for an interesting “then to now” piece noting in the shot the edge of one of the 20″ Cinema Displays hooked to my dual processor G4 running Mac OS X “Panther” v10.3.

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2 Responses to Original Mac (128K)

  1. Steven Riggins says:

    Go MFS!

    I have so many fond memories. I remember the card table I set my Mac 128 up on. I used my Trash-80 cassette recorder to play the Welcome to Macintosh tape and Guided Tour tape. Clack clack clack of that tiny keyboard, heh

  2. CaryMG says:

    Man ….

    You take such *lucious Apple Macintosh computer pics lol

    I *so love the one of the Macintosh128K next to the Apple Computer Cinema Display! 8^ ]

    A most *excellent website!


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