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Apple 20-inch Cinema Display Repair

I’m a die-hard Apple fan, but I must say I’ve had a run of bad Apple luck in the past month. My Mac Pro’s ATI X1900 XT video card began to fail due to overheating. (The Apple Store at least … Continue reading

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Miyamoto And Crew Are “Princess Bride” Fans!

It’s got to be the case! You see, I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy fanatically (well, when I’m able, given baby duty and a recent (current) flu) since getting it last week. It’s brilliant and sits, at least, in my … Continue reading

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25 Years Of My Favorite Games

My recent acquisition of Super Mario Galaxy has put quality gaming in the forefront of my mind. Surely due to this, it occurred to me it might be interesting to post a list of my single favorite game over every … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy!

Yay! I got it a day early! Thanks to Game Crazy. Screw GameStop. I’ve owned it a little over two hours now but have I played it? No. The wife’s watching TV. Maybe she’ll go to bed soon. This is … Continue reading

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It Was Apple Garamond That Sold Me

Apple marketing has long done a number on me. And not just in these flashy days of iPod “shadow dancers” and all that hipness. No, even back in the mid-’80s days of their classy, perhaps conservative product ads featuring the … Continue reading

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