25 Years Of My Favorite Games

My recent acquisition of Super Mario Galaxy has put quality gaming in the forefront of my mind. Surely due to this, it occurred to me it might be interesting to post a list of my single favorite game over every year for, say, the past 25 years. And so I have.

For what it’s worth, I turned 10 years old in May of 1982, the first year on this list. And as this list would indicate, I’ve owned a few machines in my time….

1982Demon Attack ( Atari 2600 )

1983Parsec ( TI-99/4A )

1984Conan: Hall of Volta ( Apple //c )

1985Wishbringer ( Amiga 1000 )

1986Time Bandit ( Atari 520ST )

1987Starglider ( Atari 520ST )

1988Defender of the Crown ( Apple IIgs )

1989Hybris ( Amiga 2000 )

1990Shadow of the Beast ( Amiga 2000 )

1991Typhoon Thompson ( Amiga 2000 )

1992Spectre VR ( Macintosh LC )

1993Another World ( Amiga 1200 )

1994DOOM ( Intel 486 66MHz PC )

1995Descent ( Intel 486 66MHz PC )

1996Wipeout ( Sony Playstation )

1997Super Mario 64 ( Nintendo 64 )

1998Quake II ( AMD K6 225MHz PC )

1999Quake III Arena ( Blue & White G3 400MHz Macintosh )

2000Rune ( Blue & White G3 400MHz Macintosh )

2001Giants: Citizen Kabuto ( dual G4 800MHz Macintosh )

2002Rez ( Sega Dreamcast )

2003Unreal Tournament 2003 ( dual G4 800MHz Macintosh )

2004Super Mario 64 DS ( Nintendo DS )

2005HALO: Combat Evolved ( dual G5 2.5GHz Macintosh )

2006Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved ( XBOX 360 )

2007Super Mario Galaxy ( Nintendo Wii )

Game on!

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4 Responses to 25 Years Of My Favorite Games

  1. CaryMG says:

    Oh man ….

    “WishBringer” ….

    *Excellent* choice, Sir !

    8^ ]

  2. Dean says:

    Great list, I’d have to put 14 of those games pretty high up on my list as well. Especially Another World! Loved that game! I still use an image from it as my avatar for a few sites, heh. I even went as far as buying a 3DO several years ago strictly so that I could play that version of the game because the redone backdrops were just amazing.


  3. Daniel says:

    I don’t know many of the games there.

    My favorite games are the classic arcade games, like Centipede, Missile Command, Space Invaders, etc., and Sierra’s “Quest” series (specifically King’s Quest and Space Quest).

    Circus Atari was also a favorite. :D

  4. Earl says:

    I’m so glad to see Descent on there! Logged a lot of hours with that game, playing with other folks over IPX (Netware networking). My son and I play Descent III, either head to head or working together to defeat the evil robots! Super fun…

    That is, when I can drag him from the Wii. And he also is fanatical about Super Mario Galaxy :-)

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