Miyamoto And Crew Are “Princess Bride” Fans!

It’s got to be the case! You see, I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy fanatically (well, when I’m able, given baby duty and a recent (current) flu) since getting it last week. It’s brilliant and sits, at least, in my “top 5” all time favorite games list. At any rate, I was playing this curious, one-star galaxy called “Bigmouth Galaxy” which involves dodging eels while attempting to collect star chips, when suddenly somehing grabbed my attention. It was the background music.

Have a listen.

It took me a few seconds to place it but that’s all it took. It sounded to me almost exactly the same as the music playing during the eels / Cliffs of Insanity section of The Princess Bride (the finest movie ever filmed)! I was so certain of this that I wired my Wii’s audio output to my Mac Pro and sampled the relevant section of the score. I came to find that it is not an exact reproduction of that Princess Bride melody, but seems to merge various pieces taken from here and there within the original track to produce a tune that, to me, is without question inspired by the soundtrack of that wonderful film.

Is it me? Am I just imagining things? Please share your thoughts, if you have any, on this matter.

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2 Responses to Miyamoto And Crew Are “Princess Bride” Fans!

  1. Gatton says:

    I wasn’t really with you until I heard the “stabs.” That was kind of reminiscent of Princess Bride. I doubt I would have picked up on it though. Nice catch.

  2. JS says:

    Speaking of video games and the princess bride: check out princessbridegame.com/download. It’s the site of a future downloadable video game based on the movie. It looks pretty cool…so far. I’m a big fan of the movie, so I have high hopes.

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