Super Mario Galaxy!

Yay! I got it a day early!

Thanks to Game Crazy. Screw GameStop. I’ve owned it a little over two hours now but have I played it? No. The wife’s watching TV. Maybe she’ll go to bed soon. This is my hope. :-)

UPDATE [11.14.2007]: I finally got to play! And the game is just awesome! As I’d heard reviewers comment, it feels much more like a sequel to Super Mario 64 than the quite lovely, yet somewhat repetitive Super Mario Sunshine does. It definitely has the “spirit” of good ole’ SM64 while looking better than any Mario before it.

Check out my “SMG on my 50-inch plasma” gallery – sexy pixels….

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4 Responses to Super Mario Galaxy!

  1. Dean says:

    Did you get a chance to check it out yet? Around this time of year my girlfriend makes me stop buying things for myself so she’ll have Christmas ideas…I’m trying to break tradition so I can pick up SMG now!


  2. blakespot says:

    Yes, I did give it a try last night and spent more time with it early this morning. It’s great! It feels much more like Super Mario 64 than Super Mario Sunshine did. As a few reviews stated, it’s a better Mario 64 sequel than is SMS.

    Some of the visuals are quite nice, and the framerate is excellent. As I’d hoped, it looks far better on my 50″ widescreen plasma HDTV than it did on the ~20″ LCD panel in the demo kiosks. (I find standard definition video that must be scaled to an HD screen looks far better on plasma than on LCD panel.)

    I anticipate spending much time with this game.

  3. Dean says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear it’s that good. I loved Mario 64 and *really* tried to get into Sunshine, but couldn’t make myself finish it.

    My girl relented and let me pick it up tonight since we found a deal for a $25 gift card when buying SMG, so we’ll be hooking it up tonight. The Wii is currently downstairs on our front projector, but for this game we’re moving it upstairs to our plasma as well (42″ panny) so we can get more play time in.


  4. blakespot says:


    I certainly LOVED Super Mario 64 (perhaps the best game I’ve ever played) and was quite excited to grab a Cube and get into Super Mario Sunshine – and I did, and I really was impressed. Technically it’s beautiful. But it’s somewhat repetitive. It just didn’t draw me. I played it every so often just to watch it render, but I never really got hooked like I wanted to. (I’m a massive Cube fan – it’s an impressive platform.)

    SMG definitely hooks me like SM64 did.

    I actually grabbed a spare Wii sensor strip, S-video cable, and power brick to put down on my new 20″ TV in the Byte Cellar…

    …so that when wifey is deep into TV, I can lift the Wii out of the entertainment center and have some 4:3 fun all by my self. :-) Can you tell I dig the game?

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