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distellamap: Atari 2600 code brought into view

A few weeks ago I ran across an extremely cool nod to retro computing, but wanted to wait to pass it along until I had one in my hands to show. I am referring to Ben Fry’s distellamap project. Having … Continue reading

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Found New Time Bandit for Atari ST Retail Pacakge

Ever since I first played it back on my Atari 520ST back in 1986, I’ve loved the game Time Bandit. A few weeks ago, at the request of a reader, I scanned the game’s short manual that I’d kept all … Continue reading

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The NeGcon: Gaming with a Twist

My last post concerned my Wipeout collection. As any Wipeout fan is aware, when it comes to getting champion track times, the 4-way digital pad is out. But when the original Playstation and Wipeout came out, that’s all there was, … Continue reading

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WipEout Collection

Apparently I really like WipEout. I posted a pic of my computer room on and a reader saw, in the foreground, the original “long box” of WipEout for the Playstation. He wrote to tell me it’s very rare. Is … Continue reading

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The “Newly Digital” Distributed Early Computing Anthology

In May of 2003, Adam Kalsey sent out the call to 11 people to submit the personal stories of their early experiences with computing technology, and send him the links. The stories were posted on the individuals’ own blogs and … Continue reading

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Kroah’s Retro Game “Decompilation” Effort

I have recently stumbled across one of the most impressive, hardcore retro computing efforts I’ve ever encountered. A reader, Pascal (a.k.a. Kroah), broke into chat with me the other day, indicating that he had been searching for months and months … Continue reading

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Time Bandit Manual Available As PDF Document

I have scanned the Time Bandit instruction manual at 300 dpi and put the pages together in an eight page PDF document for anyone, like me, who loves the game and would like a digital version of the manual. If … Continue reading

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AmigaOS 4 Reviewed

I got my first Amiga back in October of 1985. As I understand it, it was the first Amiga 1000 sold in the state of Virginia. 4096 colors, 4-channel stereo sampled sound, fast 16/32-bit processor, lightweight UNIX-like OS with preemptive … Continue reading

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8-bit Video Game Art Show

What could be finer than an 8-bit video game art show? Little, as can be seen in the pictorial posted at Fort90 of just such a phenomenon. Artistic homages to Pac-Man, Mario, Q*Bert, Dig Dug — the list goes on, … Continue reading

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