8-bit Video Game Art Show

What could be finer than an 8-bit video game art show? Little, as can be seen in the pictorial posted at Fort90 of just such a phenomenon. Artistic homages to Pac-Man, Mario, Q*Bert, Dig Dug — the list goes on, can be found within. Oil, water color, sculpture — there’s some truly inspired works on display. The apparently functional, super-sized NES controller is pretty slick, as well.

Not sure which piece is my favorite.

UPDATE: As one of my readers pointed out, a book exists with art from this show, entitled i am 8-bit: Art Inspired by Classic Videogames of the ’80s. Have a look.

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  1. Dave Ross says:

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but there’s a book (“I Am 8-Bit”) with the art from this show, which my wife was sweet enough to get me for Christmas this year. I wish they’d bring this show to Chicago, though. Looking at the art on paper just isn’t the same.

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