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The Passing of Jef Raskin

It is with sadness that I make this post. Jef Raskin, pioneer of user interface design, Apple employee #31, and the man who started the Macintosh project at Apple in 1979, died this past weekend of pancreatic cancer. He was … Continue reading

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The “Certain Impact” of RAM Failure…

About two years ago I setup a nice SGI O2 system to finally have a chance to play with IRIX and the 3D video hardware that SGI is so famous for. I’ve had fun with the box, but never had … Continue reading

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A Bit Out of Hand…

I am pretty much always in the middle of setting up or modifying or reconfiguring one of my old school systems. Invariably when I start overlapping such projects, chaos ensues. I really need to straighten up my workspace. I have … Continue reading

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My HP 9000 712/60 “Gecko” Workstation

One weekend last summer, my wife and I drove to a remote shopping center in search of a particular lamp shop. When we pulled into the parking lot, we found a massive “flea market” spread across the asphault with hundreds … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer Made Me Famous…

It seems Retro Gamer magazine, which I spoke of a while back, has added a few seconds to my allotted 15 minutes of fame. I’ll explain how. In issue 10 there is a nice, 10-page article about the Apple IIgs … Continue reading

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My Commodore 64…and The Stand…

I have recently begun putting together a Commodore 64 system in order to have actual 8-bit Commodore hardware with which to compare my C-One. I’ve rather enjoyed playing with the C64, having never really been an 8-bit Commodore user. Impressive … Continue reading

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The Vintage Computer Festival

It definitely seems that the number of vintage / retro computing fans out there is increasing. I suppose kids that were lusting after the latest and greatest hardware back in the days of the Apple II, Commodore 64, and Atari … Continue reading

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