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Photos, Photos Everywhere!

Wow. I just did a Goole Images search on the term “blakespot,” which is the name of my homepage as well as my nick on many sites on the ‘net. What I saw returned by the most savvy of search … Continue reading

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Minimig: The FPGA Amiga

My regular readers will recall that I setup my most interesting system of all, a C-One system—”the reconfigurable computer,” earlier this year. The C-One is often billed as “a super Commodore 64,” but it’s really far more. Various system “cores,” … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer Issue 19 Arrives!

A while back I made the sad report that Retro Gamer magazine’s future looked bleak given the financial crash of publishing house Live Publishing. More recently came the bright and happy news that Retro Gamer would be saved by Imagine … Continue reading

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