Retro Gamer Issue 19 Arrives!

A while back I made the sad report that Retro Gamer magazine’s future looked bleak given the financial crash of publishing house Live Publishing. More recently came the bright and happy news that Retro Gamer would be saved by Imagine Publishing who would be bringing issue 19 in December.

Well, friends, issue 19 arrived late last week and, I must say, in its new incarnation it’s at least every bit as good as it was before, refreshed with a new layout. It is not clear if the bundled CD will be available in this new run (the complimentary copy I received as a subscriber of the old Retro Gamer did not come with a cover CD). Either way, I will be subscribing immediately.

UPDATE: Subscribe now from

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  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Blake, we have been informed on this side of the pond that the new Retro Gamer will not come with a cover CD as they have lowered the cover price. May be wrong, but that’s what I heard.



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