Retro Gamer Magazine Lives On!

With much lamentation I recently wrote of the apparent demise of the most excellent Retro Gamer magazine. It seemed this paean of 80’s and early 90’s home computer and console gaming was to be no more, as its publisher, Live Publishing, went into administration.

It seems, thankfully, that this is not to be!

I received a letter, as a subscriber of Retro Gamer, from Imagine Publishing that says the following:

    We are pleased to inform you that Imagine has purchased the rights to publish Retro Gamer from the administrators of Live Publishing Intl., Ltd. We will be relaunching Retro Gamer in December. Our first issue will be on sale on the 8th of December for

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  1. Mike says:

    I was wondering if there was a program that could make oldschool NES/SNES video games playable on the new 5G iPods. If not, what other games are good for the ipod, Solitare just isn’t cutting it for me.

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