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All Hail Glide!

Remember the first time you were blown away by 3D graphics? I don’t mean sitting in a theatre watching The Last Starfighter, but on a computer or console at home. Yea, Starglider and Virus were awesome, but for me the … Continue reading

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40 Year Console History Pictorial

It leaves out a lot and really is to gaming what “We Didn’t Start The Fire” is to world history, but it’s surely worth a look: Wired’s Console Portraits: A 40-Year Pictorial History of Gaming Game on.

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“Thrust” from Firebird Software

I’ve always loved “gravity games.” The various Lunar Lander incarnations are great fun to me. Asteroids, more an “inertia game” than a “gravity game” in truth, has a similar feel and is similarly fun. As such, a certain screenshot in … Continue reading

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I Did It! See the Space Invader Tattoo in All Its Glory

Today at 1pm it was done. My second tattoo (my first geek tattoo), a Space Invader, was inked on my right shoulder by Dave Waugh of Jinx Proof tattoos in Georgetown. I am most pleased with the results. Have a … Continue reading

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Call to Readers: Help Choose My Retro Tattoo

At present, I have one tattoo. The design is the celtic Tree of Life, which I got back in the summer of ’00. What it represents is a big part of who I am. But then, another big part is … Continue reading

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