Call to Readers: Help Choose My Retro Tattoo

At present, I have one tattoo. The design is the celtic Tree of Life, which I got back in the summer of ’00. What it represents is a big part of who I am. But then, another big part is what lead me to setup this blog three years ago. That part is comprised of an intense, particular fondness for three somewhat related things: gaming, retro computing, and the 80s in general.

So. The time has come for another tattoo. A geek tattoo. I’ve long felt that the perfect icon that is representative of that particular side of me is a Space Invader. Not that I’m a huge fan of Space Invaders in particular, it just seems nicely emblematic of gaming, retro computing, and the 80s. Sort of a crude petroglyph found on the walls of the cave of computing history. Since that’s settled, the only question is just which Space Invader with which to permanently decorate my right shoulder. There are three different Invaders, each of which have two states. Below is the complete choice of six.

Readers, please leave a comment in this post and tell me which of the six you find the most appealing Invader. The assistance will be much appreciated. After I am inked, I promise to promptly post a photo of the handiwork. Thanks!

UPDATE [5.8.2007]: Had the tattoo inked today. I went with Invader #3, the one I had been leaning towards from the get-go, and I see most of you preferred that one as well. Thanks for the opinions!

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24 Responses to Call to Readers: Help Choose My Retro Tattoo

  1. Ron Spinner says:

    I like the 5th graphic.

  2. Jeremiah Dabney says:

    I really like the 3rd one.

  3. Number three, definitely.

  4. Or possibly number four.

  5. The point is, 1 and 2 look like jellyfish — 5 and 6 look like skulls — but 3 and 4 look like jolly little space invaders.

  6. blakespot says:

    Here’s a photo of a guy with #3 on his chest (and rather larger than I’m looking to go):

  7. KingDana says:

    Get them all.

  8. Toren says:

    Number 3 or 4 definitely, I think 3.

    Here’s a pic of 3 and 5.

  9. Boo says:

    Don’t wimp out on us! You’ve got to do a ring of them all around your bicep! (They don’t have to be big) All by itself it won’t have the same meaning, but with his pals…

    (And every year it should move down your arm, but that’s another blog entry)

  10. Daniel says:

    It’s kind of ironic that you consider a Space Invader — that is, an element of a game released in the 70s — “emblematic … of the 80s.” ;)

  11. blakespot says:


    An interesting point. It “feels” like the 80s. :-) Got another suggestion? Maybe I need to go with a Galaga invader.

  12. devilot says:

    1) looks like a jellyfish

    2) looks like a hermit crab

    3) looks like a crab

    4) looks like a sting ray

    5) looks like a different kind of jellyfish

    6) looks like a beetle’s head or something

    :D But I’m a little odd. At any rate, when I first saw the lineup, blobby #3 immediately stood out to me.

  13. BobBlec says:


    I’d probably go for #3 myself.

    Would something like a Mooninite (ATHF) be an idea?


  14. Lau says:

    I say the third or the fourth, as they are the most ‘spaceinvaderey’ of them all. I was just about to write that the others looked like jellyfish, and I notice I’m not the only one. :D

    The first two look like skinny jellyfish, and the last two look like fat jellyfish. Out of the third and fourth, the third is a better shape, but the fourth looks happier. He’s saying “Yay! I’m on blakespot’s arm! What a good place to be.” ;)

  15. blakespot says:

    I apprecite your vote of arm-goodness. :-)

  16. alFR says:

    3 is the “classic” invader look. I’d go for that.

  17. EvlMinion says:

    Number four.

  18. Daniel says:


    Oh, I get why you chose it – Space Invaders basically started the video game craze, and was popular into the 80s.

    I just had to point it out. ;)


  19. Number 5. I think it’s the most instantly recognisable of the original Taito Space Invaders, and also the most scarey looking ;)

    Although it’s not listed, one of the ‘Galaxians’ would be cool too, especially as it’s in colour.

  20. Anonymous says:

    2,3 and 5, side to side.

    use at least 2 of them. Or it’s not “space invaders”, it’s “space invader” which is meaningless.

    if you still want only one, #3 will do.

  21. Rold Gold says:

    5 & 6 look like skulls to me (people might not get the reference from just one of those).

    1 & 2 aren’t real obvious.

    3 or 4 are the best choices. I think 3 is the best one actually.

  22. scrappy says:

    Have you considered Dig-Dug, Centipede or Defender? Or Perhaps even Tempest?

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