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Of a Dancing Baby and a Pocket Reference

Just a quick one here. I dug out my Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 the other night to take a video to share around of the Dancing Baby app put together by Arnold Kim (of back in 1997 or so. … Continue reading

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A Pixellated End of the World I Don’t Want to Miss

Today I ran across an amazing video by Patrick Jean of onemoreproduction that depicts the end of the world in oh, such pixellated goodness. I have to say, this would be a pretty awesome way to go. If this is … Continue reading

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Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta!

Friends, at long last, I have left my 10 year day job as a web developer at the AFL-CIO in Washington DC and joined the lucky ranks of the self-employed. (No details now on the reasons for my leaving — … Continue reading

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