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“Picasso” Macintosh Logo Poster

I was lucky enough to come across a vintage Macintosh “Picasso” poster at RedLightRunner a couple of weeks back, which I now have framed and happily adorning the wall of my basement computer room. This is one of two vintage … Continue reading

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Vintage Apple Software

I’ve recently been on a kick to gather vintage software for my Macintosh Plus and Apple IIgs. I seem to get inspired to do so every few months—finding old apps/games that I remember from 20 years ago and loading them … Continue reading

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Wall Invaders!

I found the greatest geek toy the other day. Every so often I scan ThinkGeek to see what’s new and clever—this time I found something too good to pass up. Colorful, retro, adhesive Space Invaders characters that can be placed … Continue reading

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