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A Boot Camp Setup Crysis

I’ve had my Mac Pro for nearly a year now. What a great workstation, chock full of 3GHz Xeon goodness — four cores worth. It’s run Mac OS X exclusively, with the exception of brief forays into old school OPENSTEP … Continue reading

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JPEG: The New Graphics Format On The Block

Any regular readers here know that I’ve owned a lot of machines in my time. It was 1993 when I called an Amiga 1200 my main machine and when JPEG images started appearing on BBSs across the land. You know, … Continue reading

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The SGI 1600SW Flat-Panel Display Saga [Updated 2024]

Back in ’03 I grabbed an SGI O2 system on eBay. I always wanted an SGI to play with (used them in the lab back in college for a bit) and it seemed the O2 was the best bang for … Continue reading

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Luna City Arcade: A Retro Gamer’s Wet Dream

Peter Hirschberg is my new hero. This retro game-craving lunatic / genius has placed upon this earth a 60’x40′ patch of pure, unadulterated heaven. To the unwitting passer-by, this magical space may appear to be nothing more than a sizable … Continue reading

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