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Turning My Mac Pro Into A Three Headed Beast

A few months back I made a post regarding my SGI 1600SW flatscreen display. It had been sitting mostly dormant as part of my SGI O2 setup for years, so I decided to get it working with my P4-based Shuttle … Continue reading

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Streaming Live Video From Windows To The Apple //c

Readers will recall that one of my favorite projects of late was putting my beloved Apple //c to daily use as a text terminal to Mac OS X running an IRC client, by way of a null modem serial link. … Continue reading

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Uthernet Rides Once More!

Apple II lovers take note: a2RetroSystems is selling a limited run of the $89 Uthernet ethernet board for the Apple ][+, IIe, and IIgs. As of this posting there are 16 available. I ordered mine this morning. Rest assured that … Continue reading

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