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Retro Gaming Goodness: Space Invaders Extreme

Space Invaders Extreme. Put out by Taito to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of the original classic shooter, this re-vamped outing is like the offspring of Rez and the 1978 Taito original. If you appreciate retro gaming to … Continue reading

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The Demco Graphics Tool Kit – An Apple II Video Board

A couple months back l was enjoying a glass of wine and flipping through the November 1986 issue of A+ magazine, which covered the newly announced Apple IIgs. I remember reading the very same magazine back in ’86 as if … Continue reading

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Tempest and Jaguar and Nuon — Oh My!

I remember how great video games were when I was a kid. “Real” video games. I’m talking early ’80s. And I say “real” because, quite unlike the situation over the past 10 years, home computers and consoles were not anywhere … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going to Get an Apple Tattoo…

I think I am going to finally go ahead and get an Apple tattoo. A plain, black-on-flesh Apple logo. This will be my third tattoo. I didn’t want it to be as prominent as my Space Invader tattoo, and so … Continue reading

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Geek Classic “WarGames” Comes Back to the Big Screen!

That’s right! It’s been 25 years since we sat in that theater and saw John Badham’s “geek’s wet dream” masterpiece WarGames on the big screen. A quarter of a century. I was 11 years old. And even though I’d had … Continue reading

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