Retro Gaming Goodness: Space Invaders Extreme

Space Invaders Extreme. Put out by Taito to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of the original classic shooter, this re-vamped outing is like the offspring of Rez and the 1978 Taito original.

If you appreciate retro gaming to any degree and own a Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable, just go buy it. Right now. This game is awesome.

And if you’re really hardcore, go grab the Arkanoid DS / Paddle controller bundle. The paddle is fully supported by Space Invaders Extreme.

And if you’re off-the-hook hardcore, well, I guess you need the tattoo.

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  1. lotonah says:

    What’s all that crap in the background of the game? That makes it virtually unplayable for me. It needs to be toned down!

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