I Think I’m Going to Get an Apple Tattoo…

I think I am going to finally go ahead and get an Apple tattoo.

A plain, black-on-flesh Apple logo. This will be my third tattoo.

I didn’t want it to be as prominent as my Space Invader tattoo, and so I thought I’d get a rather small one in the vicinity of an ankle, but my wife (who is not in favor of my getting this tattoo) thought that might be a somewhat “girly” location. She actually suggested the other shoulder. In her opinion, since I don’t walk about the world shirtless too often, it would be less prominent there than the ankle anyway.

But I don’t know.

I’d love suggestions from you folks out there as to what might be a good location to be inked. Thoughts? Thanks.

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13 Responses to I Think I’m Going to Get an Apple Tattoo…

  1. Friggin’ do it, man. You only live twice. And get it huge-like, on your chest or back. Go big!

  2. Dave K. says:

    forehead!! do it!! that way, at the next WWDC as you stand in the crowd and swoon in adulation at his Steveness, you’ll be easy to spot and be instant photo-fodder. Minutes later, you’ll be on the front page of digg. Shortly thereafter, the hordes will arrive on your doorstep ready to click on ads.

    1. tattoo apple logo on forehead

    2. get noticed at big apple event.

    3. profit!

  3. blakespot says:

    :-) Thanks for the suggestions.

    Oh, and please – no one suggest the lower back, ok?

  4. James says:

    I vote against the ankle agreeing with the girly interpretation. The opposite shoulder would work and balance you. I think if you’re going to do it, go retro and get the six color Apple logo.

  5. blakespot says:

    I am all about the six-color Apple logo as it shows a love for Apple and a love for retro, but I have never seen a six-color Apple tattoo that I thought looked good. All those colors next to each other on skin just don’t hold up in my opinion.

    I am determined to go with clean black on skin.

  6. Rob says:

    Get it over your heart. Show the world your true love for all things Apple. It’s right around #4 on my current todo list as well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    On your ass. Just where Apple belongs ;)

  8. Jason says:

    Sorry man, I have a Mac, and I love it. But I just don’t see the apple tattoo thing. A very small community of people will appreciate the tattoo when they see it. The vast majority of people that see it will think you’re a geekoid. And if you sport the vintage apple logo with the rainbow, people will just think you’re making a statement about your sexuality. Not trying to be offensive, just giving you an honest opinion.

    I think a certain part of the tattoo charm is that it shows other people a big part about what you are in to. So, yes, it shows them that you’re into computers and Macs.. But, I really don’t think it will be well received. Even though I’m a Mac user (and unix user, and linux user, and windows too) I think some Apple people go a little too far with the whole “I’m more enlightened then thou since I use a Mac” bit. Having an Apple symbol tattoo seems to smack of that mentality! It’s also a little bit on the unmanly side in my honest opinion.

    I really don’t want to bust your chops, and I’m not a hater or anything, I just don’t think it would make a cool tattoo. Fortunately, opinions vary, and ultimately if you like it, then go for it.. Who cares what anyone else thinks anyways!?

    Either way, love the website- you’ve always got something cool to say!

  9. blakespot says:

    @Jason: Appreciate the comments. Valid opinion. I’m not riding the “holier than thou” train, but I want an Apple tattoo…and I don’t care how it’s received, I guess. And I don’t mean that in an “I’m all hardcore and I care of no one’s opinion!” – I just mean, I know most won’t understand it, but as is the case with my Space Invader tattoo, I will be proud of the Apple tat’.

    And that’s it. :-) Rock on.

  10. dave says:

    Why not get ‘fanboy’ underneath it? Why not pick another company that has 5% market share and use their logo?

    Seriously, I don’t get why anyone would get a tattoo to be trendy and then get one that thousands of others are already wearing. Not to mention that the trendiness factor isn’t going to look so cool if it’s like those guys who are still sporting their Coleco or Chewbacca tattoos.

    Just seems to me to be a weak attempt at showing people how “cool” you are.

  11. blakespot says:

    @dave: Well, I rejoice that the scene has come around such (since I was a teen) that getting an Apple tattoo might be seen as an obvious move to be considered cool! You’ve put a smile on my face.

    Yes, I am an Apple fanboy, but I am so based on innovation and vision that I find truly amazing. And I don’t apologize for it. Apple makes my world better. It’s a glimmer of excellence in a world of mediocrity.

    Another company with 5% market share. Like, say, BMW? Mass acceptance very much != quality and sound design.

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