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Music Video Tells Tale of “E.T.” for the 2600

For a most bizarre but quite kickass retro computing music video experience, check out Wintergreen’s “When I Wake Up” music video, directed by Keith Schofield. The video, if not the song itself, tells the sad tale of the ill-fated video … Continue reading

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Sharp X68000 Emulation

Who outdid the Amiga and Atari ST in the mid 1980’s when it came to gaming performance on a desktop home PC? Sharp did, that’s who. I spent a few quarters on Galaga in an arcade at Disney World last … Continue reading

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Apple I Kits On eBay

Lately I’ve seen a number of assembled Apple I replicas on eBay. These are not original Apple I‘s but are assembled from look-alike kits (the board does physically resemble the original Apple I). They are going for a pretty penny … Continue reading

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