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My Father the NASA Engineer: A Year After His Passing

My father, James Claude Patterson Jr., died on April 26, 2010 — almost exactly one year ago. He was just shy of 83 years old. Dad was a retired NASA engineer who worked for the government space agency for 35 … Continue reading

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Laser 128: The Apple II From My Past That Wasn’t

My first Apple was an Apple //c that I got in early 1984, right after it launched. It began my still-quite-saucy love affair with the Apple II and was just the first of many different Apple II systems I’d come … Continue reading

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My SDCard HxC 2001 Floppy Emulator Adventure

One of the problems (and hassles) of playing with certain vintage computers today is their dependence on floppy disk media. While floppies manufactured way back when keep their bits together far longer than you might think — around 95% of … Continue reading

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A Trove of Apple Promo Videos from the ’80s and ’90s

For a few years now I’ve been sitting on two DVDs full of Apple promotional videos that someone put together and auctioned on eBay. Happily, most of the content was new to me. The videos promote various Apple systems, primarily … Continue reading

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Engineer Dave Haynie Auctions Off Rare Commodore and Amiga Prototypes to Fight Breast Cancer

Former Commodore engineer Dave Haynie is auctioning off some extremely rare Commodore and Amiga prototypes to help in the fight against cancer. From his “Haynie’s Garage” posts on eBay: I have collected up a bunch of items from my days … Continue reading

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