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Running Windows 1.0 Circa 1985 (and a Few Others….)

DigiBarn is running a piece that, in a series of 24 photos, shows Micsoroft Windows 1.03 being installed on an AT&T 6300 PC compatible (hey, I’ve got one of those!). From the stack of ten 5.25″ floppies to the warm, … Continue reading

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Gaming Then and Now: A Side-by-Side Look

I just ran across an interesting piece put up by Fosfor Gadgets. The article [Archive] provides a side-by-side screenshot comparison of games from various genres – one from today and one from somewhere around 20 years ago. It’s amazing how … Continue reading

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Of AJAX, GATO, and Bill Scott

I build database driven web applications for a living. Lots of server-side code – usually PHP or ColdFusion tying to Oracle or MySQL. A good bit of this work also involves interface design. I try to be as innovative as … Continue reading

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