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New Apple SuperDrive and Apple II 3.5 Disk Controller Card

I’ve got a good number of old machines in my computer room here. A prime concern is always how to get data (disk images, etc.) from the Internet to these old machines. Some, like my NeXTStation, are friendly LAN citizens. … Continue reading

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AppleCrate: Apple II Parallel Computing

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day. Michael J. Mahon has created the AppleCrate, a parallel computer comprised of eight Apple IIe motherboards running on Mahon’s NadaNet network. From Mahon’s site: In 1996, I began thinking about how one … Continue reading

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Airball GS by Jason Harper

Most every day I take a look at the first few pages of auction items in eBay’s Vintage Computing area. There’s always interesting relics to be found, but it’s rare that a real treasure jumps off the page. Recently, I … Continue reading

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Take a Turn About the Byte Cellar

I’ve expressed before that the inspiration for the name Byte Cellar is somewhat derived from the fact that, in my current home, the computer area containing all of my machines is in a (newly finished) basement room. I’ve got much … Continue reading

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