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Got My Micro Mate 520 STation for Atari ST!

Back in the fall of 1986 I moved from an Apple IIe to an Atari 520ST. I quite enjoyed that ST. One particularly nice and uncommon thing about my ST setup was the system stand I found and ordered out … Continue reading

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Chips & Technologies’ WINGINE Graphics Subsystem

I’ve gone through a lot of computers since I got my first for Christmas in 1982 (age 10). A few were PCs. Of the PCs I’ve owned, one had a particularly interesting feature that I’ll wager no one reading this … Continue reading

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S-Video to RCA Chroma, Luma Cable

This may seem like a somewhat obscure and certainly not very exciting post, but I want it to get into the search engines. One of the nicer non-RGB monitors ever made is the Commodore 1702, released in the early 80s. … Continue reading

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Apple’s Subpixel Font Rendering is Bugged in Mac OS X

On September 20, 2006 I submitted the following Mac OS X bug report to Apple via the ADC Bug Reporter. The bug has to do with OS X’s subpixel font rendering, which is activated if the font smoothing style (in … Continue reading

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My Media PC Gives Up the Ghost

So my media PC died. The core of my entertainment center is a Shuttle XPC i8600 (3.2GHz P4 HT) running Meedio under Windows XP. It’s great. It’s my main DVD player and it lets me sit on the couch with … Continue reading

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