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The Birth of the Apple Lisa

Not long ago I ran across a nice, brief synopsis of the making of the first consumer computer with a graphical user interface, entitled “A History of Apple’s Lisa, 1979-1986”. It’s posted over at Low End Mac’s Orchard, a site … Continue reading

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“The coolest watch in history”

That’s what Wil Wheaton calls it. I think because I didn’t ever warm up to the role of Wesley in ST:TNG, I was never a huge Wil Wheaton fan. I mean, Stand By Me is a great film, and he … Continue reading

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The Future of Retro Gamer in Doubt

On Monday, August 22nd, the British publishing house Live Publishing went into administration, leaving the future of the excellent Retro Gamer magazine, as well as its other publications including the also retro-geared PC Action Emulate!, in much doubt. First published … Continue reading

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