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A New Panorama Photo Series Of The “Byte Cellar”

About two and a half years ago I decided it would be fun to share my personal “Byte Cellar” with everyone out there and took a series of photos of my (highly retro) basement computer room and stitched them together … Continue reading

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The New, Thin Apple Keyboard vs…

Apple recently shocked the experts and rolled out an amazing looking keyboard with the new iMacs that is thin, thin, thin! Like, insane thin. It’s almost frightening to behold (while remaining sexy, sexy, sexy). I’ve been daily pestering the three … Continue reading

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“I am a geek. This is my car.” – An Apple Sticker Tale

It was with the purchase of my second computer, an Apple //c back in 1984, that I first received a set of Apple stickers. Apple has long bundled an Apple logo sticker with its major products, so users can show … Continue reading

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BlueFlash: Apple II Bluetooth/Disk Controller/Disk Archive Card

Earlier this evening I was reading posts at the 68kMLA Forums when I stumbled upon one of the most interesting retro computing projects I’ve ever encountered. I am speaking of the BlueFlash board, a combination Bluetooth / Disk Controller / … Continue reading

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The moment I caught my first glimpse of the NeXT Cube and its revolutionary operating system, NEXTSTEP, I was spellbound. Never had a computing system been even vaguely as elegant as what lay before me back in 1989 on the … Continue reading

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