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‘Megaroids’ – My All-Time Favorite ‘Asteroids’ Clone

In my opinion, Asteroids is one of the very best videogames of all time. I guess that’s probably obvious. Lately I’ve been playing a related series of Asteroids-inspired games that are old enough to be considered retro, themselves. They were … Continue reading

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‘The Sagan Series’ – End of an Era: The Final Shuttle Launch

Thanks again, Carl.

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A Few Humble Thoughts As STS-135 Soars Overhead

I remember sitting at home on the floor in front of the TV, in the house where I grew up in Yorktown, VA at 7 a.m. EST on April 12, 1981. That morning, my family and I sat there in … Continue reading

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Andy Hertzfeld of Original Macintosh Team Designed Google+ Circle Editor

So, the big news of the week has been Google+, the search giant’s latest stab at the social network thing. I was lucky enough to get an invite early on and, I must say, I’m liking the service so far. … Continue reading

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Apple //c Serial Terminal in the Byte Cellar

So, I’ve recently received a number of links in to Byte Cellar accompanied by blushworthy praises from bloggers out there. (I’m looking at you, Gnome of Retro Treasures…) They’ve made me feel bad and lazy (and maybe a little flattered). … Continue reading

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