Apple //c Serial Terminal in the Byte Cellar

So, I’ve recently received a number of links in to Byte Cellar accompanied by blushworthy praises from bloggers out there. (I’m looking at you, Gnome of Retro Treasures…) They’ve made me feel bad and lazy (and maybe a little flattered). So, I scanned my YouTube uploads in search of something I’ve uploaded that should have been written up here. And the first thing I stumbled upon is the video of my Apple //c, which used to live in my dayjob office but now lives in my home basement due to my having left that whole office scene behind, doing serial terminal service to my Mac Pro.

You’ve seen this //c do serial terminal duty before, but now its doing it at home. And home is where the heart is, right?

Dig out that old machine and put it to good use, folks!

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4 Responses to Apple //c Serial Terminal in the Byte Cellar

  1. gnome says:

    Look what you’ve done. I blushed. Gnomes don’t do that you know. The beard helps.

    Lovely video too; don’t think I’m tech savvy enough to combine the A1200 and the Spectrum + into a superserver myself. Maybe that TI on the other hand…

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