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From the Trenches: The Great Christmas ’84 Apple //c vs. IBM PCjr Battle

I fondly remember my first Apple //c. I got it in early 1984, soon after its debut and, to me, it was quite a step up from my first computer, a TI-99/4A (though in several ways the //c was less … Continue reading

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HP Fires Alan Kay

HP has been doing some “house cleaning” of late and it seems that among the casualties is Silicon Valley legend Alan Kay who was part of HP’s Advanced Software Research team, one of four research projects that HP cut in … Continue reading

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Sorting The Magazines

I have a lot of computer magazines. Magazines old and new. From early 80s Creative Computing to present day CPU. I’ve been pretty good about keeping the vintage mags organized, but the present day mags have been strewn about the … Continue reading

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SGI Faces Bankruptcy

After 23 years as a leading high performance workstations / visualization leader, it seems that Silicon Graphics, or SGI, is in dire straits. After releasing fiscal fourth quarter results reporting a $15-$18 million operating loss, the company’s stock took a … Continue reading

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My “New” Apple //c Setup

The Apple //c was my first Apple computer, purchased back in 1984 to replace my fading TI-99/4A (the first computer I ever owned). It was a very slick machine, basically a slotless enhanced Apple IIe with most of the ports … Continue reading

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1984 BYTE Review of Original Macintosh 128K Online

I saw a great story on Slashdot the other day. They were highlighting an on-line reprint of BYTE magazine’s review of the original 128K Macintosh, entitled, “The Macintosh: The many facets of a slightly flawed gem,” published in August, 1984. … Continue reading

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