Sorting The Magazines

I have a lot of computer magazines. Magazines old and new. From early 80s Creative Computing to present day CPU. I’ve been pretty good about keeping the vintage mags organized, but the present day mags have been strewn about the house and I know that in 10-15 years I will really lament any that have gotten lost. So I’ve decided to shelf them all and keep them neat and tidy. In the process of sorting, I noticed that most of my computer room floor was overtaken with magazines.

It seemed a great time for a picture.

2013 Update: I’ve been poring over my Pen Computing magazine collection of late, so I thought I’d slot in a photo I took, right here. Pen Computing was the go-to periodical for handheld computing at the time. I eagerly awaited the next issue over the years, while using the PalmPilot, Apple Newtons, the Philips Velo and Nino, Psion Series 5MX, and others.

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2 Responses to Sorting The Magazines

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Blake, there is a nice games mag here in the UK called GamesTM, similar to Edge but with a great Retro section in the back. Keep a look out for it, I think you would like it, or if you want I can send you a copy. I’m just about to get rid of my copies as they have taken over along with Edge and various Mac mags!


    MarkJ, Liverpool UK

  2. Charles says:

    Oh man, I’ve thrown out more vintage computer magazines than would even fit on ALL your shelves. And I regret it now. But the cost of storing all that crap, and moving them from place to place, I just couldn’t bear it. I threw out boxes full of old Kilobaud Microcomputing, early MacWorld, Dr. Dobbs, Byte, etc etc. But that was before the days of eBay where they might have found a buyer. At least I had the foresight to keep a few selected issues, like Kilobaud #1, Macworld #1, etc.

    Now I’m going through the same thing again, I just tossed stacks of expensive imported Japanese computer design and Mac magazines, and piles of imported Computer Arts, they’re all really expensive because they come with CDs that I never use but just drives up the price. I did a quick calculation and for the price of just a year or two of $15 and $20 magazines, I could have bought a nice new computer. So I’m putting a moratorium on computer magazines unless I really REALLY need them.

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