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MyAppleSpace: MySpace For Those That Don’t Suck

I just ran across MyAppleSpace. It’s pretty much MySpace for those that don’t suck. But then I’m pretty heavily Apple biased. I wanted to share. It’s really well done. If you’re of the brotherhood…sign up! I created two retro groups … Continue reading

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My New TRS-80 Model 4

In my last post, I mentioned that I had rearranged my basement computer room to make room for a new addition to the Byte Cellar. Well, my latest acquisition finally arrived: a TRS-80 Model 4, my first Tandy / Radio … Continue reading

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So…How Does a Byte Cellar Podcast Sound?

Inspired by some of the retro computing podcasts I follow (Retrobits, 1MHz, etc.), I’ve developed a slowly growing itch to plop a mic down on my desk and prattle on to anyone who might want to hear what I’ve got … Continue reading

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Site News. Tweet Tweet Tweet.

Just a brief update about the site. I spent considerable time today doing various Sys Admin types of things in and amongst Byte Cellar. Due to a curious sort of phenomenon, I was pushed to upgrade Movable Type to the … Continue reading

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