MyAppleSpace: MySpace For Those That Don’t Suck

I just ran across MyAppleSpace. It’s pretty much MySpace for those that don’t suck. But then I’m pretty heavily Apple biased. I wanted to share. It’s really well done. If you’re of the brotherhood…sign up!

I created two retro groups within the network: Apple II Users and Classic Mac Users

Here’s me:

I like. Have a look!

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2 Responses to MyAppleSpace: MySpace For Those That Don’t Suck

  1. Brian Floe says:

    Thanks for the kind words – spreadin’ the Apple love to all the galaxies out there …. soon we rule the world!

  2. Josh Turner says:

    I joined the site and it is ok. Just so you know anything private used on the site is viewable by the Admin.

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