Newton Poetry: An Active Newton Blog…In 2008

As my readers are likely aware, I’m a big fan of the Apple Newton. I consider my MessagePad 2100 to be the finest PDA I’ve ever owned, relatively speaking. That said, imagine how surprised and happy I was to run across an active Newton blog!

Have a look: Newton Poetry: MessagePad Jabberwocky

So what’s it all about? As Dave Lawrence who runs the site describes it, Newton Poetry is…

    A blog about Apple’s MessagePad, Apple in general, and Newton Poetry.

    What’s Newton Poetry? I find a poem. I input it into my Newton MessagePad 110. The Newton galumphs and translates the text, and spits out Newton Poetry.

As you might have guessed, the site was inspired by Gary Trudeau’s famous August 1993 Doonesbury comic strip which lampooned the early Newton’s (less than ideal) handwriting recognition. It’s a nice mix of the amusing poetry translations and Newton news and thoughts.

I’m very glad to have found it. Strong work, Dave!

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