Site News. Tweet Tweet Tweet.

Just a brief update about the site.

I spent considerable time today doing various Sys Admin types of things in and amongst Byte Cellar. Due to a curious sort of phenomenon, I was pushed to upgrade Movable Type to the latest build, v4.1. Quite a change on the admin side. It seems a good thing.

Also, while I was at it, I placed a sort of widget on the left side of the pages, there. A list of my 10 latest tweets — tweets being Twitter posts. I’ve become a big Twitter addict of late and roughly half of my tweets concern retro computing, it seems. It seemed to make sense to add them to the site. I hope you agree and find them of some interest. If you’re a Twitter user, please follow me!

That’s it, for now. Just a brief update. I’ve got some interesting projects in motion right now that I’m anxious to detail in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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