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Added Discussion Forums

I’ve now put in place a nice discussion forums system, with forums for various, specific vintage computing platforms as well as some that are more general in nature. Have a look and please register and take part. For the moment, … Continue reading

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STart Magazines

I don’t often scour eBay for Atari items. I never really spent much time with Atari 8-bits, sadly (they were precursors to the Amiga, you know)—my 8-bit days were mainly spent with Apple II’s. I did use and enjoy some … Continue reading

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Graphical User Interface Gallery

Ran across an incredibly interesting site the other day: Guidebook, the graphical user interface gallery. It’s basically a collection of info and detailed screenshots that effectively take you on a tour of various GUI’s that have existed over the last … Continue reading

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Of Folklore and Technical Writers and Whatnot…

This one meanders. A great site I recently ran across is Macintosh Stories. It’s “a web site devoted to collective historical storytelling.” Currently it hosts stories about the creation of the original Macintosh—and there are quite a few, and … Continue reading

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Amiga Developers Poster

I recently saw and won an auction on eBay for two Amiga posters from the 80’s. One was a “2010: The Year We Make Contact”-themed poster (popular movie, 1985 I believe) and the other is an Amiga Developers Conference poster … Continue reading

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Vintage Magnets

INDEED it’s an odd thing. I spend some time every couple days browsing the vintage computer sections of eBay and I found a set of refrigerator magnets that bore the images of 80’s advertisements for Commodore computers. A strange find, … Continue reading

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Original Mac Keyboard

So I won an auction for a keyboard that was originally part of an original Macintosh (128K). I’m an old (and new) Mac nut and have a Mac Plus that I keep in use as well as an original Macintosh … Continue reading

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First Post First Post!!

So here it is. Blake’s Vintage Computer Blog. I did a MovableType install for a project at work (via Internet Archive) and it was not too painful, if time consuming (many a blog setup on that server), and had me … Continue reading

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