Original Mac Keyboard

So I won an auction for a keyboard that was originally part of an original Macintosh (128K).

I’m an old (and new) Mac nut and have a Mac Plus that I keep in use as well as an original Macintosh (128K) that I keep in a Willow tote/storage bag. That original Mac, and I think it is something like the 1942nd to roll off the assembly line, based on the serial #, I bought used from an old-machines listserv reader. It came with a Mac Plus keyboard, with the number pad—not an actual Mac 128-style keyboard. Well, my Mac Plus’ keyboard recently has had a key failure (the ‘s’ key) and I’ve pulled the Plus keyboard out of that storage bag and am using it with the Plus now.

So I’ve kept my eye out for an actual Mac 128 keyboard and found a Mac 128 keyboard, System Saver fan, and mouse bundle. But I was outbid. This was one of the few auctions that I bid early on and did not stick around to bid, in person, in the last 30 seconds of the auction. Sadness. But I found another keyboard a few days later, cheaper, but with no fan. It had a $10 BuyNow option. I bought then. It’s on its way. I still need a fan for my rather hot Mac Plus tho. Original form-factor Macs tend to overheat, the CRT’s flyback being the item to fail in most cases, apparently. You’ve got to stay on top of these things.

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