Vintage Magnets

INDEED it’s an odd thing. I spend some time every couple days browsing the vintage computer sections of eBay and I found a set of refrigerator magnets that bore the images of 80’s advertisements for Commodore computers. A strange find, to be true. But that’s doesn’t get to what’s most odd at the core of this post. You see, I added these magnets to my refrigerator when I received them a few days ago, but what was there to begin with is even more odd.

You see…we have a cat, and as a gag we were given a set of cat “bottom” ‘fridge magnets. Yes, illustrations of variosu cats’ hindquarters. Humorous stuff if taken at the right moment. Well, now our ‘fridge is basically a medly of cat butts and Commodore ads. It really has to be seen to be truly pictured…

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