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My Build-Out of the Monochron ‘Pong’ Clock

I was running through some of my YouTube videos over the past months and realized I hadn’t posted my build-out of the Monochron Pong clock. I was trying to do a series of mostly-daily videos for a while, to capture … Continue reading

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Classic Apple II Game Deaths

Yesterday, Boing Boing posted a video compilation of many classic arcade death scenes, set to a chiptune rendition of Mad World. It’s pretty awesome. After watching it, I was inspired to attempt a similar video, but featuring death scenes from … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Gets It

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I Have a Chip on my Shoulder

It just occurred to me that six months have passed and I’ve not posted about the new tattoo I had inked. Geek tattoo, that is — the best kind. And this, after reaching out for help from readers to choose … Continue reading

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‘ActiveGS’ for iOS: Boundless Mobile Apple II Goodness

Last week I wrote a post about FTA’s recent iOS release Active GS – Best of FTA [App Store]. (I wrote one for TouchArcade too, actually.) The app is a collection of Apple IIgs demoscene productions from FTA and associated … Continue reading

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iPad 2 Launch Day at the Apple Store in Clarendon, VA

Yesterday was iPad 2 launch day and, of course, I was there to grab Apple’s most powerful iOS device by far. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, as I just couldn’t put the thing down. I’ll post … Continue reading

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FTA Releases Apple IIgs Emulator in the iOS App Store

Long-time readers may be aware of the fact that I’ve long been a big fan of the demoscene. I saw my first true demoscene production (or “demo”) the night I received my mail order Amiga 2000 back in 1989. I … Continue reading

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Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0 Is Just around the Corner

My friends over at the Vintage Computer Festival East just reminded me that the VCF East 7.0 is just around the corner, May 14-15, 2011 in Wall, New Jersey. The event, which is entirely indoors, is held rain or shine … Continue reading

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Video Games Live! – An Epic Event for Gamers

As I type this I’ve just returned home from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which I covered for TouchArcade. I also attended the Apple iPad 2 press event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on Wednesday … Continue reading

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