Not Everyone Gets It

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  1. Matej Jan says:

    Damn, just found out about ByteCellar (slowly getting to know the society around TouchArcade) and my hat is off, sir. You know how many times I had such a conversation with my girlfriend?! :) I could play chiptunes for 30 minutes max, before she would lose her nerves. :D

    I see you have a ZX Spectrum’s logo up too, so double points for you. But since you’re from US I guess you were on the commodore side? :) I’m secretly setting, so us old enemies can battle out once again (this time with T-shirts ;)). In fact, I should have been pixelarting those designs on some 8-bit ladies today, so I better get back to it.

    Great to find out about your page! I’m RSSing so I don’t miss any.


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