My Build-Out of the Monochron ‘Pong’ Clock

I was running through some of my YouTube videos over the past months and realized I hadn’t posted my build-out of the Monochron Pong clock. I was trying to do a series of mostly-daily videos for a while, to capture my various activities, and this was one of them. I’ve gotten away from that, sadly, but who knows — maybe I’ll pick that back up in a while.

The Monochron clock is a DIY clock kit that comes with a blank printed circuit board, an LCD display, and many components that must be soldered together. What you end up with is a pretty bad-asssed digital clock. Have a look.

There are custom firmware downloads that change it up to Space Invaders-style displays and the like. If I ever install one of those, I’ll post the update here.

There’s nothing like the feeling of “making” something like this yourself, I must say.

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