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Glorious Six Foot Neon Apple Logo Sign Auction

Someone in a recent IRC chat pointed out to me an eBay auction for what might actually be the object on this earth that I would most like to possess, surpassing all other material items by a rather significant margin. … Continue reading

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Apple //c as a Dumb Terminal to my Mac mini

Several months ago – maybe more like a year or two ago now, I purchased an Apple //c in mint condition and didn’t really have a plan for just where I would house this little treasure. You see, my second … Continue reading

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Macintosh Plus Gaming Gallery

I recently sold my original Macintosh 128 to help fund the purchase of a HD camcorder. (I knew I’d never dedicate desk space to it, what with my rather functional Mac Plus setup, and it seemed a shade lonely sitting … Continue reading

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You Are Likely to be Eaten by a Grue

I played it first on my shiny new Apple //c, back in April 1984. (Hey! Our logo graphic is an Apple //c!) I’ve fiddled about with it in years since on various other platforms, but it was the //c upon … Continue reading

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