Glorious Six Foot Neon Apple Logo Sign Auction

Someone in a recent IRC chat pointed out to me an eBay auction for what might actually be the object on this earth that I would most like to possess, surpassing all other material items by a rather significant margin. More than the fishnet stocking-shrouded leg lamp of the “you’ll shoot your eye out” kid, this is electric sex.

I point you to the six foot tall Apple logo neon sign.

The auction started at $2,500 and is, at the time of this post, up to $4,500 – and the seller’s reserve price has not yet been met. If bidding on this item would not have exactly the same effect on my marriage as engaging in 3-way-sex with a couple of call girls and handing my wife the video, I would be unable to restrain myself from going after it. Alas, I shall not be the one member of the human race able to daily bow down in worship in front of so glorious an icon.

Happy bidding.

UPDATE [10.31.2007]: No, I didn’t break down and bid to win on this one. But a cool $10 on eBay did land me a little goody that glows at least a little Apple Goodness in my own Byte Cellar.

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3 Responses to Glorious Six Foot Neon Apple Logo Sign Auction

  1. Adam Saltzberg says:

    Why spend $5000+ for this (plus probably another thousand to have it crated and shipped)? Seems like it would be much cheaper to just have one made if you really wanted it that bad. I mean it’s just the sign from an authorized dealer in Nowhere, Alabama. It’s not like it has any historical value…

  2. Nightengale says:

    THat’s too funny

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like it. I am sorry you can’t bid on it Blake. It would be something really wonderful to own. If I were rich and I would get it for you just because I can tell you really would like to have it. But I am not rich, so you’ll have to get one from that Nowhere Alabama manufacturer. Anyone who really appreciates Mac would love this sign.

    I also find it amusing that your wife would consider bidding on this an equal sin to cheating with call girls!


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