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New-In-Box Apple //c System Sells For $2,553

I experienced 30 minutes of intense pain this evening. I took a quick glimpse at eBay’s “Vintage Computing” listings this evening and what I saw was amazing. That’s right. A new-in-box Apple //c system: main unit, monitor, monitor stand and … Continue reading

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco

As I start this post the Steve Jobs’ Macworld San Francisco 2008 keynote is just four minutes away. And sadly I could not make the trip this year. My trip out there for last year’s keynote, working coverage with Arn … Continue reading

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Replaying Wishbringer, Amiga Style

I purchased what I believe to be the first Amiga sold in the state of Virginia back in October 1985. To say there was a dearth of software for the platform at that time is an understatement. I ultimately sold … Continue reading

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Adjusting The Commodore 1702

Yesterday I was fiddling around down in the “byte cellar” for a bit and went to reconnect my Apple IIgs’s audio to the A/V switch after hijacking its cables to record a bit of Wii audio for a recent post. … Continue reading

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