I Left My Heart In San Francisco

As I start this post the Steve Jobs’ Macworld San Francisco 2008 keynote is just four minutes away. And sadly I could not make the trip this year. My trip out there for last year’s keynote, working coverage with Arn for MacRumors, was some of the most fun I’ve had in my life, but it ultimately just wasn’t in the cards for this year.

To ease the pain, I’ve taken the day off work and am sitting here watching the MacRumors Live coverage with my Macworld ID badge sitting next to my MacBook Pro. It’s still a festive day, though. I’m anxious to see what Steve has in store for us.

Happy Macworld 2008 everybody!

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2 Responses to I Left My Heart In San Francisco

  1. Daniel says:

    What did you think about the 4 things he showed us? I thought it was a great MacWorld, and really wish that I had an iPhone and an Apple TV to benefit from the new goodness. :)

  2. Blake says:

    I thought it was a good show. Last year’s with the introduction of the iPhone was undeniably more exciting, and I’m glad to have been there for that.

    I’ve got an iPhone so the 1.1.3 update was great to see. I also have an Apple TV and it’s great that in a few weeks I’ll be able to upgrade (for free) to Apple TV “Take 2.”

    The MacBook Air is a sexy device and I wondered if I would be drawn to sell my rev 1 MacBook Pro (2GHz Core Duo) to get on board with it, but I must say my MBP is a more practical and powerful machine than the MBA, so happily I am not inspired to do the eBay shuffle. Well, happily for my wife, anyhow. I think there are those who will pay for that svelteness, but I personally would have preferred a true subnotebook (10-inch screen or so) from Apple. Clearly the MBA has less mass appeal than the MB or the MBP. We’ll see how it turns out….

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